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Sparing is an American punk rock band, from Raleigh, North Carolina. Pulling influence from the golden era of 2000’s screamo & post hardcore bands such as Senses Fail, Thursday, and Hawthorne Heights. While maintaining their bubble gum chorus approach from pop punk heavy hitters like New Found Glory, Saves the Day and Taking Back Sunday.

Sparing signed with Sunday Drive Records in 2021, releasing their EP “Old Dreams“, which landed the title track Old Dreams on the Spotify All New Rock playlist. Through out the year, the band shared the stage with Koyo (Pure Noise), Stand Still (BBB), Fake Eyes (NMZ) & Frontside (Revival Records), while vocalist Zach Godwin found himself making the rounds on podcasts, blogs and interviews around the country spreading the word about the band and the vision moving forward. (Brooklyn Vegan, The Alternative, New Noise Magazine, and No Echo)

The band continues their push with a brand new 12″ EP “No Room Left To Grow” on Sunday Drive Records available Oct. 7th with the debut single “I Couldn’t Agree Less” premiering Aug. 23rd.

Feeling stuck with little direction, and a weight of emotions encapsulates the new EP from Sparing, “No Room Left to Grow”. Following the 2021 EP, “Old Dreams”, songwriter Zach Godwin has re-focused Sparing to be a full solo project. Whereas “Old Dreams” combined 90’s alt-rock and pop punk, Sparing leans heavy on the early 00’s pop-punk/post-hardcore sound, taking influence from bands like Thursday, Allister, The Movielife, Senses Fail, etc.

Tracked over a few weekends in the spring of 2022 in North Carolina, Zach painstakingly performed nearly all instruments and vocals, with the help of Jonathan Owens (Dull Mourning) on drums and Brooke Nicole who is featured on the title track. “No Room Left to Grow” is full of guitar melodies, breakdowns, sing-along choruses and more, making this a perfect album to get stuck on repeat in the car all summer.

“It’s a record about loss, growth and finding yourself again.” – Zach Godwin

Vocalist Zach Godwin tackles personal topics like breaking free from anxieties and self harm on the opener “I Couldn’t Agree Less”. Cutting the dead of fairweather friends, and finally finding your breaking point on the song “Call Me Out”. Learning to cope with growing old, and aging out of the music you love and identify with on “Slip Away”. The title track featuring Brooke Nicole finds a couple fighting over their failed relationship, and the struggle with letting go. 



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